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Shenzhen Funi Digital Technology Co.,Ltd, is a leading company among China CCTV security products manufacturers. We provide high quality products and service to all our customers globaly and help them to create greater value continuously.
We own unique independent core technology and keep fast sustainable development capability in CCTV industry. We are often thought highly by many customers who known well our AHD camera, DVR, NVR, wireless CCTV Kit, intelligent home-use consumer products. The latest launch product is 5 in 1 DVR, max channels WiFi CCTV kits such as 16 channels, 24 channels,32 channels NVR Kit,which can help our customers with more professional and diversity.
We have developed professional marketing and service covering the whole world. At present, We have set up not only branched and offices in China domestic key cities,but also include the covering of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,the Middle East and other places, to provide fast, high-quality service for the customers.
We will adhere to the concept of "service first, customer first,pursuit win-win business" , acting as old friends at home and abroad and sincerely keeping the cooperation betwen you and me, strive to improve the full range of services for the majority of users, striving to be the industry leader.
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